2010: A Nice Odyssey…

Before we move forward with this blog, I thought it might be prudent to quickly sum up where we’ve come from and what we have accomplished so far!

2010 for us was mainly a year of finding our feet as a band, of nailing our set and improving our sound and dynamic. This doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun though!

One 2010 goal was to play a show interstate and we did this. Twice. Our trips to Melbourne helped us grow ties with several bands down there, all of them worth your time and ears… On Sierra, Lazerface, Declaration, The Gun Runners, Bone, In Tongues, Cavalcade, Ornithologist… all were a pleasure to play with.

We also were lucky enough to play with a few international touring bands as well. We played in a kitchen with The Milvains (Italy),  a lounge-room with Graf Orlock & Dangers (you can hear that here – http://sydneytapes.blogspot.com/2010/06/graf-orlockdangers-house-show.html), a pub with Heavy Heavy Low (USA) and a warehouse ith La Dispute (ok, that was in 2011 but it was still awesome!)

Late in the year we recorded a demo with our friends Josh & Dean which you can hear on our unearthed page (http://triplejunearthed.com/NiceGuys). They are super nice kids and are doing good things for some of our mates bands now as well, we got a good feel for recording our sound and without their help we probably wouldn’t have been able to put down ‘Shoot Out The Lights’ as well as we did.

2010 was a good year for Nice Guys and our friends as well… our brothers Totally Unicorn absolutely killed it last year (and are killing it this year), Matt got to play Come Together festival with his other band Hira Hira and Mac got involved with some other of our friends and started Handsome – an absolutely awesome band everyone should check out!  We also saw the rise of a great new all ages venue in Sydney; Blackwire Records (http://blackwiretocommonground.blogspot.com/) an awesome spot for bands to play run by really great people. We also saw the Town Hall Hotel in Newtown open it’s doors to bands and Nice Guys!  All these things have led to the Sydney scene seemingly grow healthier and we absolutely cannot wait to play a bigger part in it all this year!


– Nick, NG

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