Tour Announcement + Studio Videos

Hey Kids,

lots and lots happening in camp Nice Guys…..

First of all we have our official tour announcement and supports listed over here.
We are so excited to be hitting the road again and we are stoked to be playing with the bands that we are playing with. Got some old friends and new on this run and can’t wait to have a schooner, pot or pint and pizza with everyone!!!

I have been making some short videos featuring some studio footage lately and there should be one every week up until the release of ‘Shoot out the lights’. This weeks video features MATT!

Also how bad do you wanna get your hands on one of these!!!!
These are media cards that we will be packaging with merch on our ‘shoot out the lights’ east coast tour, the card will allow you to download the full EP, plus artwork, liner notes, piccys, videos, doo dads, twizzlars and anything else we can cram on there in digital format. (digital doo dads and twizzlars not guaranteed…)


Nice Rivals =)

Shoot Out The Lights – June Tour 2011


I’m really pleased to update this blog with artwork and information about our forthcoming EP; Shoot Out The Lights.

The date scheduled for release is 30/05/11 and we’ll hit the road to promote it shortly afterwards.

Our label Beard of Bees have worked really hard putting a tour together and putting this out, they’ve also given everyone a sneak peak of SOTL on their soundcloud which you can listen to here…

Electrolyte Orchestra

Needless to say we’re all really, really keen to start playing some shows and I’m happy to say we don’t have to wait much longer… check out any of the below dates, we’d love to see you. Other bands for the SOTL tour will be announced soon. In the meantime watch this space as we all get over excited and start posting stupid shit & lyrics up here and also sexy merch that will be available at the shows. We’ll also keep a tour diary to remember what we’ve actually done.
Until next post… Cheers.

Nick Guys.

13/05 – The Town Hall Hotel, Newtown w/ Castles Sunk Below The Sea & Hira Hira!

Shoot Out The Lights Tour

11/06  – Blackwire Records, Sydney AA

18/06 – Pony, Melbourne

19/06 – Catfood Press, Melbourne AA

23/06 – Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle

24/06 – Fat Louie’s, Brisbane

25/06 – Sun Distortion, Brisbane AA

29/06 – Bar 32, Canberra

Shoot Out The Lights – Available May 30th