‘Shoot Out The Lights’ Plans & Purple Day Show

The good news is our debut E.P. ‘Shoot Out The Lights’ has been mixed and is being mastered now! We’re just finalizing artwork and preparing to announce a release date… exciting times ahead in camp Nice Guys.

I’ve had a cooling off period after recording SOTL and now listening to the mixed version I can say, and I think I can speak for the other guys here, that we are extremely proud of what we have accomplished with this recording. We worked together well and encouraged and challenged each other to be at our best throughout the process.

I can’t wait for anyone who is interested in the e.p. to hear the thing, I feel like a boastful parent talking about their child’s achievements when I tell my friends about the recording. They’ll probably listen to it just to shut me up!

Earlier this week, we all got together to have a few beers and discuss release plans, merch ideas, touring buddies and general 2011 plans. The mood was enthusiastic and positive and I think we’ve got a full map for 2011 worked out.

Personally, this is shaping up to be the most exciting experience I’ve ever had in a band and I look forward to challenging myself to get better and better along with the band as we play more shows and write new material.

I sincerely hope the next post we can give you will have a release date and a show announced near you. In the meantime though, we are playing a Purple Day event at the Sandringham Hotel on the 26th March. This will be our only show before our e.p. launch so please come along and say hello. The show will be with our friends Lungs, Grim Fandango (WA) and Let Me Down, Jungleman and is for a good cause (raising awareness of epilepsy).

You can find the facebook event here – http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=131985743536166

And here for more information about Purple Day – http://www.epilepsyaustralia.net/Purple_Day/Purple_Day.aspx


Nick, NG

2010: A Nice Odyssey…

Before we move forward with this blog, I thought it might be prudent to quickly sum up where we’ve come from and what we have accomplished so far!

2010 for us was mainly a year of finding our feet as a band, of nailing our set and improving our sound and dynamic. This doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun though!

One 2010 goal was to play a show interstate and we did this. Twice. Our trips to Melbourne helped us grow ties with several bands down there, all of them worth your time and ears… On Sierra, Lazerface, Declaration, The Gun Runners, Bone, In Tongues, Cavalcade, Ornithologist… all were a pleasure to play with.

We also were lucky enough to play with a few international touring bands as well. We played in a kitchen with The Milvains (Italy),  a lounge-room with Graf Orlock & Dangers (you can hear that here – http://sydneytapes.blogspot.com/2010/06/graf-orlockdangers-house-show.html), a pub with Heavy Heavy Low (USA) and a warehouse ith La Dispute (ok, that was in 2011 but it was still awesome!)

Late in the year we recorded a demo with our friends Josh & Dean which you can hear on our unearthed page (http://triplejunearthed.com/NiceGuys). They are super nice kids and are doing good things for some of our mates bands now as well, we got a good feel for recording our sound and without their help we probably wouldn’t have been able to put down ‘Shoot Out The Lights’ as well as we did.

2010 was a good year for Nice Guys and our friends as well… our brothers Totally Unicorn absolutely killed it last year (and are killing it this year), Matt got to play Come Together festival with his other band Hira Hira and Mac got involved with some other of our friends and started Handsome – an absolutely awesome band everyone should check out!  We also saw the rise of a great new all ages venue in Sydney; Blackwire Records (http://blackwiretocommonground.blogspot.com/) an awesome spot for bands to play run by really great people. We also saw the Town Hall Hotel in Newtown open it’s doors to bands and Nice Guys!  All these things have led to the Sydney scene seemingly grow healthier and we absolutely cannot wait to play a bigger part in it all this year!


– Nick, NG

Lyrics to Shoot Out The Lights


It won’t be the same next time
My head is in the game
It won’t be the same next time
My body’s on the line

I won’t take these pills; they’ll just slow me down
I don’t need this shit; I’ve got a mountain to climb

The explosion in my chest shot stars into my eyes and as I fell back I saw my shot hit out the lights.
In a cold gymnasium, the roar of the crowd hit like fists and shook the light right from my eyes.

How can a heart grow too big for these bones…?

“I won’t be the same. I’ll shoot with my left”

“I don’t want to lay down.”


Take away the mirrors and show me the light as starry-eyed night stalkers quake at the sight of a fucked-arsehole winking back at a lens from a shit-stained mattress on a hotel bed.

I like my hands all covered in blood. I take it where I can get it. I like my hands on the pulse.

You’re a ghost in a digital burial ground and for training purposes this conversation will be recorded. Every aspect of your life will live on forever.


I’m a fucking God, with my head on a table at 4 in the morning, I’m a genius.
The guards at the door have been working hard all night because I worked out the answer for everything and then I couldn’t stop laughing.

You said that drinking was my answer to everything but no, no it’s my answer to nothing, lifeless and listless sobriety is the opiate of the masses, now what a pretty thought that is.

I’m entertained all of the time and none of it matters, it’s a practice shot right? Well I agree with the first part.

I’m boundless and falling, nothing freer than dropped from birth.

An impulse, a new thought; wholly bored.

Now my cup’s run dry.


That’s what I’m told, too cold, yes those were the words. Arrogant strut off, dead last, dead lost a slowly comprehending alcoholic. Too many words with no meaning.

There’s nothing as sad as the slapped-face of a dullard wincing at lines too contrived for his senses, his own lines.

No-one finds out how cut off we are until will meet each other and then fumble for our phones, I don’t know anyone relationships so tenuous they can be cut off in a blackout. Black out, I back out but I’m slowly forced back in…

Fracture lines of communication… sever ties in our relationships.


Head darkened space, drink in hand in a factory estate, stumbling over machinations idle all but for the memory of human hands.

Now all that lingers are the ghosts that occupied the night, the holocaust that happened between dusk and the night has taken all there is but me and useless industry.

A bottle smashes in the night; this place is too crowded now. I hit a vein and watch the re-animated casting quick glances jealous I survived; the world will be destroyed again tomorrow.


No, the sky won’t shit rainbows on flowers to weak to push up from the soil and when you truly believe in nothing the world won’t fade into white…
…And the pain in your neck gets worse than the crick in your back and the record gets stuck on the same-old track and repeats the same old song over and over again and the screens reflect the same old scene, the same old dreams of nothing gained. Like someone once told you told “we’ll somehow make sense of the shit that’s in your head you try to reconcile with reason, distilled into something that you can believe in…” Hold that thought down… My words are incoherent, my voice is getting old, my heart is growing distant and my body’s going cold. I stop and I start.

Hello, We’re Nice Guys

Welcome to the official Nice Guys blog. We’re 5 friends that like to play loud music together.

The purpose of this blog is to update anybody who will listen on what we are doing or planning to do… Take over the world, tour the solar system; that sort of thing.

As it happens we have just recorded our very first e.p. it’s called ‘Shoot Out The Lights’ and we’re very, very excited about it. It’s the six strongest tracks we have written to date and it’s given us the bug for recording again. This year hopefully!

You should be able to hear ‘Shoot Out The Lights’ very soon, it’s coming out on the awesome label, beard of bees (www.beardofbeesrecords.com) !

In the meantime check us out here and here




Dave, Matt, Mac, Ryan & Nick